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‚Äč                                                 Registration the day of the games.


                                Bring your Tug-of-War Team to the Games! 


                                                                Rules are as follows:

According to the formal rules of tug of war, each team should have a maximum of 6 members.

Field and Marking
The area wherein the sport will be played should ideally be a flat grassy patch of land or dirt. A line, referred to as the center line, is marked in the playing zone. The rope is placed in such a manner that its center mark will be lying right on the center line. At a distance of 4 meters, on either side of the center line, another line will be marked.

How to Play
The center of the rope should exactly come above the center line at the commencement of the actual competition. The referee will ask if each team is ready. Once each team is ready the referee will yell "GO!" Each team can start pulling the rope into their territory. The objective of each team is to pull the rope so that the center mark of the rope crosses their line which is 4 meters on either side of the center line. As soon as the center of the rope crosses over one of the teams' lines, the referee will yell "WIN!" and the match is over. Do not let go of the rope once a team has won, this will prevent injuries. The rope is never to be wrapped around any player. The anchor on each team can put the rope under an arm, around their back and then over the opposing shoulder.

If a member of a team falls to the ground, he/she must try and get up as soon as possible. Making no attempt to get up is considered a foul.

Gloves should be worn to prevent injury. Cleats of any kind are not allowed.

A team must win 2 out of 3 games to win a match. After each game, teams switch sides and begin again. Rest periods should be between 5 to 10 minutes between each game. This can be voted on before the events. Rest periods and the match structure will be determined on how many teams enter and participate.

More information will be available here closer to the date of the Games.


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